Java flaw is exploited in Macs

Written by: Gina on 21 March 2012

Those who believe Macs aren't vulnerable should reconsider it because lately attempts to target Macs are growing. Recently, Mac security researches have a lot of work with the Flashback Trojan Horse and the Imuler Trojan Horse making rounds. And now, a new piece of Mac malware is currently in the wild and infecting computers running OS X.

Malware is exploiting Mac users who have unpatched versions of Java in their computers. The backdoor exploits CVE-2011-3544 and then downloads and runs code to create a backdoor and set it to run at start-up. Malware is not asking any interference of the user for the installation. It only expects you visiting a malicious site while running the old version of Java on your system. Provided web page serves malware and is still active.

To protect your Mac, be sure you are running the latest version of Java and you have up-to-date security software which is needed on your system as well as for Windows users because Macs are no longer bulletproof.

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