Being the most popular has its own drawbacks

Written by: Jeff Trump on 13 January 2012

At first it may not seem as the case because the desire to be most popular in school or at work place overshadows everything. But actually being among the most popular does have huge disadvantages as well as advantages. The case stays the same especially if we are talking about Apple products.

Is it good to be the 1st? 

Every iPhone or iPad owner probably feels very proud that his product is among the most popular. But such a status draws attention therefore it is inevitable that more cyber criminals and even more quickly will seek for and find various flaws in iOS that they can make use of.

Androids suffer threat increase, too

This was clearly seen from the recent Android popularity increase – according to the reports since July 2011 there was a whopping 472% increase in malicious threats against Androids. iOS users should not feel any different or more safe. Always use your common sense when browsing, downloading, shopping online and always keep your software up-to-date. It would be amazing if these would be the only rules you had to follow to stay safe. However, this story is a little more complicated. 

Why the problems persist? 

The problem stays significant because ironically flaws usually come from the updates that are released to fix the older ones. And this is a circle you can not get out of. One of such flaws was revealed recently and as claimed it allowed apps in the App Store to download new code and run it even if it's not signed or checked by Apple.

That means that a criminal who uploaded the app that you downloaded could easily steal, delete any information from your iPhone or iPad – take complete charge of your device. But do not worry as it seems this problem is fixed now.

Stay safe! 

Remember, that you can never feel completely safe – scammers always search for any kind of flaw in OS that they could make use of. Try to stay safe while browsing and we will get you all the latest news about what to look out for.

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