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Imuler Trojan: new variant of malware targets Mac OS X users

Recently security researchers from Intego have discovered a new version of Imuler Trojan targeting Mac OS X users. According to Intego, this variant of Imuler Trojan has not been seen out in the wild. The latest version of the Imuler.C Trojan attempts to trick users into thinking that they’re downloading and will check image files out. The trojan horse circulates using .zip archives named “Pictures and the Ariticle of Renzin Dorjee.

Evolution of Mac malware

It is true that Mac infections are rare; however, it surely doesn't mean they don't exist. Macs can be hacked and have been infected already. These days it doesn't seem absolutely safe to keep Mac without any security tool within. There are so many hints you can notice on computer if your system is infected.

Apple's upgrade for iOS 5.1 fixes 81 flaws

Apple shipped an update which patches 81 vulnerabilities in iOS 5.1 mobile operating system. This includes Safari, Siri and Passcode flaws that are able to expose user's devises to cybercriminals or let them being abused remotely.

Apple announced new Mac OS X – Mountain Lion

Even though the Mac OS X update has been announced just a few days ago, there are already lost of anticipation about how different the operating system will be from the previous versions. In fact, Apple did reveal a few details about the Mountain Lion which will be released this summer. The most important thing Apple revealed that the new OS will have some of the customers' favorite features for iPhone and iPad – that is great news.

It's real! Mac Flashback trojan gets back

A new version of previous Mac Flashback Trojan which was first discovered in September is using Java flaws to infect Macs with limited user's interference. Once active Trojan starts to disable the Mac’s security software and installs a dynamic loader library and auto-launch code which allows it in inject code into programs users are loading. The mentioned code sends all information about infected Mac to remote server.

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